How To Control Your Distance Out Of The Sand

Once you are successfully able to get out of the sand the majority of the time, the next step to improving your bunker game is to control your distance. Now, your goal switches from just getting the ball out of the sand and onto the green to hitting it close to the pin.

An easy way to control your distance is by VARYING THE LENGTH OF YOUR FOLLOWTHROUGH. You simply make your normal backswing, but for a short bunker shot try and stop your swing after impact so that your followthrough only goes about halfway. You do not need to make a big long followthrough over your shoulder for just a short bunker shot.

On a long bunker shot, you will make your normal backswing but then make sure to followthrough all the way making sure you finish your swing over your left shoulder. Keep the same tempo and everything else the same but just vary the length of your followthrough and watch how much better you will be able to control your distance out of any greenside bunker.

One more tip for a long bunker shot: You can adjust your setup slightly so that your feet and the clubface are not quite as open in your setup. This will help you get a little extra distance. Just make sure the clubface is still a little open and it is open to the same degree that your feet are open in your stance.

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