Putting Stroke Keys For Maximum Success On The Putting Greens

3 Very Important Fundamental Putting Stroke Keys:

Key #1) Make sure your putter moves back and forth the same length throughout the stroke.

Often times a golfer will make a longer backswing than followthrough with the putter and this will cause a person to decelerate throught the ball which is a huge but very common problem.

Key #2) Secondly, make sure to keep the putterhead low to the ground throughout the putting stroke, especially on your followthrough. Lifting the putterhead up in the air will put sidespin on your ball and cause it to go offline.

Key #3) Keep the putterhead square at impact.

This is pretty common sense, but you can just simply focus on making sure the putter returns to a square position when you actually hit the ball. Watch out for turning and manipulating the putterhead which may be a result of turning your hands in the stroke.


In order to become a great putter, it's important to master the fundamentals of great putting. Once you've learn these important keys, you can become consistent and your confidence will build as you start making more putts on the greens. The pros practice and work on their fundamentals all the time.

It's knowing what to work on and how that will separate you from the other golfers who have no clue what they are doing. Most golfers will keep missing putts and just figure they can't get better or they are just not good enough. Anyone can learn how to putt as good as a pro with the right techniques. Make a point to learn what is going on with your putting so you can get on the right track and shoot lower golf scores. Don't waste another shot on the greens.

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