Correct Putting Alignment Will Help You Hit Your Putts Straighter

Putting alignment is a critical component of your set up when preparing to putt on the putting greens. There are a few keys to setting up to the golf ball and lining up correctly. You want to have your feet, shoulders, hips, and forearms all parallel to the target line of your putt. If you are allowing for break in your putt, make sure to line up everything parallel with the line you are starting the ball on, not a line directly straight at the hole.

Many putters have a line on the top of the putter that is in the center. Make sure to have the middle of your golf ball lined up with that line on the putter. I like to see golfers get set up to the golf ball by aligning their putter first. Then step into the stance and square up your feet, hips, shoulders, and arms. If you do this correctly you will eliminate many common errors in putting. No longer will it be necessary to try and compensate in your putting stroke. Your putter alignment will give you a nice solid base from which to build a consistent, repeatable putting stroke.

Make Sure Your Eyes Are Directly Over The Golf Ball When Setting Up. This Will Allow You To See The Line Correctly.

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