Free Online Golf Putting Lessons

Free Onling Golf Putting Lessons To Help Your Putting Game

Putting lessons are just as important as full swing lessons because putting is the part of your game, that if you improve upon, will allow you to lower your scores the fastest.

When I give someone a putting lesson, I begin by asking my student several basic, but targeted, questions about his or her putting game. First, I ask them how many putts per round they usually average. Then I ask what they are best/worst at in terms of putting. For example, are they more comfortable with short putts, but aren't able to lag putt well. Or maybe its the opposite and they can control their distance but they have difficultly making short putts easily. Or maybe they have trouble reading the greens correctly and struggle with knowing how much break they should play.

It is important to be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can make a clear plan and have clears goals so that you can improve your putting in the fastest and most efficient way possible. If you lack focus in the direction of where you want to go, it will be difficult to improve much.

If you know where you're going, have clear goals and a direct approach for getting there, it is much easier to get there than if you don't know where you're going. I am going to give you some tips on common problems in putting and go over how to improve those specific areas that may be causing you some trouble. Click on the appropriate links below to learn specific strategies for golf putting improvement.

Putting Tips And Lessons To Maximize Your Putting Game:

Putting Lesson # 1: How To Improve Poor Lag Putting

This link will take you to my page on lag putting. I'll discuss some basic strategies that are simple but very effective and you will feel like you just had a top notch putting lesson. My online golf putting instruction contains really solid information that will have you performing your best on the putting greens.

Lesson # 2: How To Make More Short Putts

Many golfers tend to fear short putts because these are so important to your score. If you miss one short putt, that's one whole stroke you have added to your golf score that you cannot get back. Missing a short putt can be one of the most frustrating error you can make on the golf course. But there are a few simple techniques that will allow you to make these short knee knockers over and over with ease. Click on the above link to learn how.

Lesson #3: How To Read Any Green Accurately

There are several factors that come into play when reading a green. These are basic and once you learn what to look for you will have a much easier time reading greens and your confidence will increase because you'll be able to trust you know the correct break to play on the putting greens.

Lesson #4: How To Develop A Rock Solid Putting Routine

Having a good putting routine is a huge key to developing confidence and consistency on the putting greens. It is important to have a routine that you use on every putt no matter if you have a great round going or if you are having an off day. Actually, when players are having a bad day on the putting greens, going through your routine is even more important because it will help you to get back on track more quickly.

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